Christmas Tree Mini Sessions

Hello! Christmas is ALMOST here! Can you even believe it? I have been so busy over here with shoots and finishing up galleries before Christmas, but I just wanted to take a little time to showcase my 2018 Christmas Tree mini sessions.

I had so many beautiful families(14 to be exact) join me for my first year of Christmas Minis. It was a total success and I can not wait for next year! Before I show you some of my favourite  images, I just want to give a big shout out to the lovely people at Pine Meadows Tree Farm in Chilliwack BC for so graciously welcoming me and my clients this season.

         side note, my family picked out, cut down and brought our first ever real tree home this year. We LOVE it and will definitely be going back next year!

*I won’t be sharing images from all 14 sessions, as a few families have requested their images not be shared for privacy reasons! <3*

Wishing all my clients a wonderful Christmas and happy new year in 2019!


I have always loved and preferred the style and look of an in home newborn session. I absolutely love going into peoples homes and documenting these fleeting moments with their newborns.


The change a baby brings, whether its adjusting to life WITH a baby or life with multiples. It truly is a journey each time. Each baby brings a whole new life and meaning to your family. So, naturally whenever I get asked to do a newborn or fresh 48 session, I get super excited for two reasons, 1. BABIES! – thats a no brainer, I love babies, their smell, their feet and even their sweet little cries. Everything about them, I love 2. These sessions are a true testament to what life is like in their home together or their first moments in the hospital with their sweet new addition, which is why I love photography. I love to document the real.

Here are a few images from my recent session with The Venema family and their newest addition Katelyn.



Simmons Family

We couldn’t have picked a better day to have family photos booked with The Simmons. The weather was gorgeous and they were completely perfect. This cute family of 3 had so much love for each other, it wrapped me up and made me feel like I was apart of them!

Their little boy was just as cute as a button. I love seeing families interact together and how they love on their children! I know that some times photos can feel like a chore, trying to keep the kids from getting dirty or behaving, but I’m here telling you, all those things are ok, you don’t need to worry or stress about perfection. You’ll look back on these photos and think to yourself “this is exactly where we were and how life was and I miss these days.”

Here are a few favourites from our session


Krista + Colton

I knew I had this session coming up, and I didn’t want to go to my typical locations. I was (and still am) always looking for a new place, wether it be remote or very much a common area. I like the variety in the photos I take!

This location has been one of my favourite places to go. A little spot on the side of the road that has incredible charm AND it also showcases the stunning peak of Mt McGuire.

Here are a few of my favourites from my session with Krista + Colton and their little man Hudson.

Krista+Colton-17.jpgKrista+Colton-24 2.jpgKrista+Colton-62.jpgKrista+Colton-25.jpgKrista+Colton-15.jpgKrista+Colton-43.jpgKrista+Colton-52.jpgKrista+Colton-54.jpgKrista+Colton-59.jpgKrista+Colton-36.jpgKrista+Colton-32.jpg

I’m so pumped I get to see this little family again in a few short weeks for a little in home session! ❤

Newborn – Logan

There is nothing better then an at home newborn session. It’s familiar, its comforting, its real life. I love going to peoples homes and capture these precious and fleeting moments with their newborns. 

This session was no exception..


anyone else adore baby feet? I LOVE their little toes!

Ps. Newborn sessions are a GREAT baby shower gift, and hey guess what –  I offer Gift Certificate 😉

Krista + Colton

Family sessions are so fun, you get a diversity within – a little bit of everyone, just the kids and a little bit of mom and dad. The whole reason the family started in the first place. I love being able to take them aside and do a few photos of just the two of them.

Lets be honest, since becoming parents you probably don’t  have many photos of just the two of you anymore. A lot of the time we as parents focus the photos on our children, but the truth is, we are just as important as they are. These photos are the ones THEY will look back on and see us. Parents, juggling life, love, children and all the in betweens.

Here are some of my favourites from a recent session with Krista, Colton and their boy Hudson.

Krista+Colton-6.jpgKrista+Colton-17.jpgKrista+Colton-24 6.jpgKrista+Colton-32.jpgKrista+Colton-43.jpgKrista+Colton-46.jpgKrista+Colton-51.jpgKrista+Colton-53.jpgKrista+Colton-60.jpgKrista+Colton-62.jpg

Outdoor Cake Smash

With all this beautiful fall weather we have been having, I was able to do a outdoor cake smash… which I am absolutely in love with.


How cute are they!?


Next summer, if you need a cake smash and your wanting outside…give me a call because I can’t wait to do more like this one!