Weddings | 2019


Today I have my first ENGAGEMENT SESSION of the year. Yes. ENGAGEMENT.

Recently I have had a lot of wedding inquiries. Being completely transparent with you all, weddings have always intimidated me, but also inspired me with their creativity, uniqueness + beauty. Weddings are a major life event so I feel overwhelmingly honoured to even be considered to be the one YOU choose to document your beautiful day.

I figured I’d make a post stating YES! I am taking on weddings this year, BUT I am being very specific with what I will take on. If you are getting married and your having a small wedding (50 and under) or elopement, I would love to chat with you, have you fill out my wedding inquiry form + set up an engagement session to ensure you like me and my style! (very important you actually like my style of work).

If you are interested in knowing what my packages look like, please email me at I can’t wait to hear from you!

Thank you so much to everyone for the LOVE and SUPPORT. You are the reason I am able to pursue my dreams.

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