Fields of Lavender

I had the pleasure of spending some time with Kali, Miguel and Kingsley the other day. We ran through the most beautiful and fragrant fields of lavender. I wish I could bottle that smell and send it to everyone!

I LOVE capturing families and their real authentic moments together! These three pretended to be dinosaurs, watched airplanes fly above and listened to the bees buzz around the lavender!


Here are a few of my favourites from their session!


Thank you for letting me capture these precious moments! I hope I can be there for many more! 


Time for an INSTAGRAM giveaway, and if your like me and love country fairs and rodeos, then this is a giveaway you don’t want to miss out on!

As a young girl I LOVED attending the agrifair. I could spend hours in the arena watching all the horse & cow shows, oh and eating MINI DONUTS. So in keeping up with my families Summer Bucket List, I have teamed up with The Abbotsford Agrifair to GIVEAWAY 2 tickets to their 108th Annual Fair. Giveaway.jpg

All you have to do to enter is, Follow, @aprilkaayk and @Agrifair,  Tag your friends and then bam your done. How simple is that? If you would like to have a bonus entry tag extra friends and/or comment here to let me know what your FAVORITE childhood summer memory is!


What a great summer activity to do with the whole family!! GIVEAWaY is open until July 27th at midnight!!


Good Luck Friends!

Summer Giveaway


I’ve teamed up with two awesome local companies!! Tumble and Roar and West Coast Wild Child to give 1 lucky Winner and awesome set of prizes!!

The Winner will receive 2 Pairs of Tumble and Roar Kids boxer briefs, a matching Mom and Me shirt from West Coast Wild Child AND a 30 minute mini Session with April Dawn Photography!

Follow this link to my Instagram page to get all the details on how to enter!!





Happy Fathers Day

I’m about to get a little sappy here.

This man right here…


Is such an incredible Dad. He is so attentive to our boys. I love watching him get right into playing trains with Levi or reading him a book for the thousandth time. I love the way he scoops the boys up, snuggles them close and showers them with hugs and kisses! 


(just got home from an overtime night shift, and he stills spends time with his boys before going to bed!)

I love the way he works so hard to provide for his family. I love that he is truly my partner and teammate, he strides with the mentality that whats mine is yours and yours is mine, and I LOVE that about him. I love his need to be ontop of time management (because I’m terrible at that), I love that he strives for more for our family!

I love his sense of humour and ability to make me laugh at the most random things. I love that he keeps a positive outlook even when things aren’t going our way. I love that when I feel like I’m failing or I just can’t deal, he grabs the reins and takes over for me. I love that he KNOWS when I’ve had a tough day and encourages me to go out and have some time for myself.

Not only is he an amazing Husband and Dad to our boys, he’s such a fun loving uncle to our nieces and nephew! June22018-58.jpgJune22018-57.jpgJune22018-60.jpg

Loving on their Uncle TY ❤

Speaking of Uncles, Shout out to my awesome brothers in law! They are two amazing guys…WhiteRockMay2018-4.jpg(Uncle Pete)
June2018-21.jpg(Uncle Devin and Auntie Coco)

Im sure neither of your will see this, but I love you guys 😛 

….And just a few more of my favourite pictures 



Happy Fathers Day Love,

You are loved beyond measure —now let’s go to the beach and celebrate you!!



Meet the Downings

Last weekend I had the pleasure of meeting the Downing family, all 13 of them – plus their cute dog Tank.


This was a great bunch to work with! I learned that they dont all live close to home, but their connection as a family was amazing.

I had my first moment of tearing up behind the camera during this session, I’ll share that image with you below.


This is one special moment I am so thankful I was able to witness and capture! Grandpa and Grandma kneeling down, playing the guitar and singing ‘you are my sunshine’ to their beautiful grandbabies. Doesn’t that just warm your heart imagining it?



How precious are these four? Ranging from 5 years to 3 months!

Downing-3.jpgOne of my favourite captures from this session!



Thank you Downing Family!


Looking forward to capture more family moments coming up this month!!

Message me if you are looking into getting some photos done! 🙂


Lindemen Lake

A check off the Bucket list yesterday, a hike I have wanted to do for several years is now complete! Lindemen Lake, the beautiful picturesque turquoise blue water is so inviting, and I’m sure amazing to swim in when the weather is HOT. – Welcome to beautiful British Columbia. This is what we are surrounded by, mountains with hidden lakes untouched by pollution and residential construction. Being out here is what makes me happy.


We went up with our kids, between the ages of 9 months – 3.5 years. I don’t wanna say don’t bring them, BUT be fully prepared to carry them in a carrier or hold them extremely close the whole hike up and down. There were quite a few times I lost my footing and we go on hikes quite frequently. Steep rocks make it hard for the kiddos to climb without slipping. Despite that, they had a great time and I always LOVE bringing my boys out into nature. I hope that its something they carry with them forever.



  1. Visit the Ocean
  2. Cultas Lake 
  3. Cultas Lake Waterslides
  4. Camping
  5. Hike (Mt thom, Lindemen Lake)
  6. Send a card to someone special
  7. Zoo/Aquarium
  8. Berry picking
  9. Go to a antique store and buy something special
  10. Visit a farmers market
  11. Fly kites
  12. Plan a family photoshoot
  13. Watch Fireworks
  14. Donate Food to an animal shelter
  15. Bake cookies and delivery them to a friend
  16. Have a Lemonade stand
  17. Visit a country fair
  18. Canoe
  19. Plan a cousins sleep over
  20. Turn off all electronics for an entire day.

Happy Wednesday ❤